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Pleated Blinds

Top-down Bottom up blinds at different heights can create interest in a room

Pleated is a "solution curtain" that offers comfort, aesthetics, and quality to its users. Unlike the curtain systems we are used to, it provides heat, light, and sound control in your living spaces. Pleated curtains can be used in your home, office, conservatory, glass balcony, cars, and boats. Our products are made of first quality fabrics and each one can be washed. It allows you to maintain the comfort of your home in a healthy way with its easy-to-use mechanisms.

14 mm 3b Pleated Blinds-L 05
14 mm 3b Pleated Blinds-L 05

14 mm Pleated
Plain Pattern Fabrics

14 mm 3b Pleated Blinds
3B Pleated Blinds-D-01

20 mm Pleated
Plain Pattern Fabrics

It can be operated from bottom to top and top to bottom. Thanks to these features, it has the advantage of easily providing heat and light control. Our curtains, which can be used in your glass balconies and winter gardens, are a unique curtain

system in this sense. It can be used as a sunshade or tulle curtain thanks to its day and night model when desired. It can be installed by screwing it to the glass balcony profile or, if desired, by gluing it without drilling any place. All accessories and fabrics of the glass balcony system are produced in accordance with outdoor conditions. Our glass balcony systems can be easily disassembled, mounted, and cleaned as easily as our domestic systems.

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