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3B Carpet-Deco 5003

Carpet/Deco 5003

3B Carpet-Deco 915

Carpet/Deco 915

3B Carpet-Deco 912

Carpet/Deco 912

3B Carpet-Deco 911

Carpet/Deco 911

3B Carpet-Deco 9002

Carpet/Deco 9002

3B Carpet-Deco 5002

Carpet/Deco 5002

3B Carpet-Deco 924

Carpet/Deco 924

3B Carpet-Deco 917

Carpet/Deco 917

3B Carpet-Deco 904

Carpet/Deco 914

3B Carpet-Deco 5004

Carpet/Deco 5004

3B Carpet-mode 5001

Carpet/Deco 5001

3B Carpet-Deco 922

Carpet/Deco 922

3B Carpet-Deco 910

Carpet/Deco 910

3B Carpet-Deco 913

Carpet/Deco 913



Our products are stain-proof, bacteria-free, easy to clean.
Suitable for Heat Insulation System
Does Not Contain Carcinogenic Substance, Does Not Make Dust
Therefore, Asthma and Bronchitis Patients Will Easily Prefer Products
Tufted with Velvet Touch on Woven Cotton Base
Anti-Slip and Anti-Slip Feature on Carpet Floor and Protects You from Accidents such as Falling
Easy to Clean with Natural Carpet Shampoo
Machine Washable at 30 C without Spinning
Resistant to Stain and Intensive Use, Resistant to Friction, No Pilling
Has Antiallergic Fluff-Free Texture

AntiAlergic Carpet

According to allergy and asthma physicians, breathing in allergens that are transported by air is a cumulative problem.
In order to avoid this problem, the type of carpet you use in your home is also very important.
Our carpets; You can easily use it for the health of those who are allergic to house mites and asthma patients. This base, which does not contain any carcinogenic substances, is of high quality and can be used for many years. OEKO-TEX® is Standard 100 Certified.

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