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3B Home Decor Carpet-Prime



3B Home Decor Carpet-Prime-1401

Carpet / Prime-1401

3B Home Decor Carpet -Prime-1404

Carpet / Prime-1404

3B Home Decor Carpet-Prime-1407

Carpet / Prime-1407

3B Home Decor Carpet -Prime-1145

Carpet / Prime-1145

3B Home Decor Carpet -Prime-1402

Carpet / Prime-1402

3B Home Decor Carpet-Prime-1403

Carpet / Prime-1403

Carpet / Prime-1406

Carpet / Prime-1406

3B Home Decor Carpet / Prime-1405

Carpet / Prime-1405

3B Home decor Carpet Prime-1408

Carpet / Prime-1408



  • Pile Height: 12mm

  • Yarn Type: 75% acrylicand with 25% viscose yarn content

  • Weaving Density: 1.248.000 stitches

  • Fringe Condition: Fringed

  • Sole: Woven Sole

  • Feature: Antiallergic

  • size: 200x290, 160x230, 120x180, 100x200, 100x300, 080x150, 080x300 cm

There are many reasons to bring Art elegance to your homes.Softness in its weaving, vitality in its colors, stitchedYou can increase the harmony value of your homes with aesthetics 75% acrylicand with 25% viscose yarn content, Ottoman will make you comfortable for a lifetimeCollection models are woven with a density of 1.248.000 stitches.

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