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3B Carpet Prime-Image 2884

Carpet Prime/Image-2884

3B Carpet Prime-Image 2871

Carpet Prime/Image-2871

3B Carpet Prime-Image 2866s-D

Carpet Prime/Image-2866S-D

  • Pile Height: 12mm

  • Yarn Type: 100% Wool Touch Acrylic

  • Fringe Condition: Fringed

  • Sole: Woven Sole

  • Feature: Antiallergic

  • size: 200x290, 160x230, 120x180, 100x200, 100x300, 080x150, 080x300 cm

Meet the 100% Wool Touch Acrylic yarn and the most luxurious lines of 3B Carpet's Prime series. The 3b carpet collection adds excitement to your home with its marginal design and vibrant colors. Best quality woven carpet models, Antiallergic carpet collection at the cheapest prices at 3B Home Decor.

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